About Us

By offering a no-mess oil extraction system, a stringent no up-sell policy, and a unique 24/7 operation window, Go Oil provides convenience and excellent service to an industry that hasn’t seen innovation in 40 years.

Since its inception, Go Oil set out to differentiate itself from its competitors.  


Who We Are

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our founder and CEO, John Sparrow, started Go Oil in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Backed with an entrepreneurial spirit, grit and a fundamental understanding of what Canadians are looking for; John has led the Go Oil team through rapid growth and expansion. John continues to lead with a vision of what the future of oil changes will be.

We're a Canadian Company

Since its inception, Go Oil has grown into a national business servicing cities across Canada.  We believe in local, Canadian business. From the local franchise owners who work with us to the products we use in our vans – Go Oil is your Canadian oil change provider.

Technology First

Put another way, Go Oil doesn’t believe in maintaining the status quo. We use a proprietary oil extraction system that extracts most of the oil out of the dipstick.  This means a much lower risk of spillage on your property.  We have also created a booking system that gives us the ability to give you an exact quote based on your vehicle year, model and engine size.  

Career Opportunities

If you want to experience what it feels like to work in a startup please shoot us a message and resume. We are a fast-growing company. We offer flexible schedules for most positions, meaning you can work from home, or come to the office on your own terms. As long as the work gets done, we’re happy. Join one of the fastest-growing Canadian companies today!

Executive Assistant

This role would involve answering our 1-800 number and answering any questions for prospective and current clients. You would be responsible for inputting work orders into our booking system, filling out quotes for our fleet clients, ensuring that all incoming fleet payments are added into our tracking system, answering support and inquiry emails in a timely and professional manner.

Fleet Sales Professional

This role will involve signing up fleet clients to get mobile oil changes and other services. We have operations across Canada, and do a lot of fleet work, ranging from rental car companies, valet services, construction equipment, delivery fleets, large semi trucks, if it takes oil we can service it, you can sell it!

Our Partners

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Franchise Locations: Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Kingston