What Makes Go Oil The Perfect Franchise Investment?

Everyday, more services are going mobile and on-demand. With $1 billion in oil changes done every year in Canada and mobile services trending, there is huge market potential for the next few decades. It is considered a recession proof industry that fluctuates very little even in the worst years. Scalability has been a problem in the past for mobile oil changes, but now with a highly automated software, franchise owners can operate their business with minimal effort from their smartphone. Running multiple franchises is simpler than ever and can be managed through our simple software.

Low cost to entry

Fully supported technology

Marketing and promotions

Building More Than Business, We Are Building a Community

Never Alone, We're Here When You Need Us!

Corporate and other franchise owners only a phone call away. We run corporate marketing, advertisement, and promotions that help our franchisees grow. We succeed as a team, not as individuals.

You Bring The Wrench, We Bring The Tech

We take care of payment collection, customer service, vendor relationships, as well as national marketing and positioning. The only thing left for a franchisee to worry about is local marketing and providing service excellence.

We've Got All The Pieces, Training, and Prebuilt Vehicles

Since we first launched in 2017 we have gone through several designs and setups, and now offer a fully pre-built and equipped service van. Each franchise owner will receive training when they start.

Ready to Join us?

Become a part of Canada’s largest growing family. We will help you get started with financing, loans, training, and ongoing corporate support.

The Go Oil Advantage

IT and Support

Technology and support from us, to you

With custom built software every part of the Go Oil franchise is setup and done for you. With accurate quoting and automatic booking you don’t need to take phone calls or worry about invoices. You decide when you want to work and the program will automatically book clients into your schedule. Go Oil corporate takes care of payment collection, customer service, vendor relationships, and inventory costs. The only thing left for a Franchisee to worry about is local marketing and providing service excellence.

Customer Service

We handle a headaches, so you can get back to business faster.

If you’ve run a small business before it’s quite likely that most calls, emails, and complaints all find their way to your phone. These tasks, while they may be small, will constantly interrupt your productivity and ability to go out and make more money for your business. Imagine the simplicity of logging on daily and doing the jobs in front of you, and getting out into your community making yourself and services known.

Get Paid

All appointments are pre-paid so you don't have to invoice.

One of the keys to success with Go Oil is that every oil change is prepaid and the franchise owner only pays for supplies at the point of the sale. This way you are guaranteed to be paid for every service appointment that you do, you won’t ever find yourself paying to have work done and going home empty handed. The only daily costs you need to worry about are your van lease, and insurance which make for very low overhead and a secure financial situation.

Customer Base

Customers book online, and get directed to you, Effortlessly.

Each city has more demand for our services than we can currently fulfill on our own. Go Oil is a certified vendor of several large fleet management companies and more are added every month. Since all clients are going through one central website Go Oil has a very strong online presence and will be able to take advantage of the traffic.


We run internal sales for large fleets and partnerships.

The Go Oil service network has allowed the corporate team to create partnerships with several associations and companies. This gives our Franchises access to large accounts quickly, and easily.


Local & Nationwide Marketing plans.

With marketing in cities across Canada Go Oil can give you a competitive edge over the competition. We run local, and national campaigns for all Go Oil Franchisees. Materials and local strategies are developed every month and will be shared with every franchise owner and are available to use.


Ongoing or Targeted...Or Both.

We can run local promotions for you break into new markets, or expand an existing one. Partnered with our marketing, we can boost sales performance and help keep you on the road.


In person training program

Before you take home your new franchise we work directly with you and your technicians to learn all the ropes of operating the mobile oil change units.

Pre-Built Vehicles

You are ready to roll the moment we hand you the keys.

Since we first started in 2017 we have gone through several designs and setups and now offer a fully pre-built and equipped service van. Each Van is fully functional with no extra setup required by you or the technician. You can truly hit the ground running.

Go Oil Canada Inc

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